Aboute me. Who?

    Briefly, my name is Timofei.
    And I don’t like to amuse people. I like to have fun with people.
    Yes, I am good at events. Any.
    Weddings, anniversaries, HOA meetings, mortgage graduations ...
    ...a light feint to the right and you will find out more.

    I am showman!

    I am universal as a host.
    But most of all, of course, I like weddings.
    The thing is that I am a true fan of family life!
    I would never have thought before, that in the role of a family man i would be SO comfortable! This is happiness here and now!
    And, looking into the excited, happy eyes of the newlyweds, I see people who will never be alone again!
    People who can do absolutely everything! And all because they are now together.

    I am showman. Why? What for?

    I have been working as a host since February 2018.
    This does not mean I did not host events before
    and was not warmed by the heat of stage ramps. Not at all!
    It was just more like a hobby earlier.
    What has changed?
    I would glad to leave everything as it is,
    but after seeing what the leading people in St. Petersburg were paying,
    I realized that I could do much better.
    First of all, I think that the work of the hos
    t is, first of all, a creative work.
    I got no goal to create something like
    “an universal scenario for all events”
    and put the business on the conveyor.
    No! My goal is to develop creatively from project to project.

    I am a host. Which one?

    Truly creative and cultural.
    Polina Petrovna Romanova, the head of the theater
    group during her school years, often repeated:
    “Guys, if you went on stage, then
    n you bring culture to people. Which means,
    that you take full responsibility
    for what you say and what you do.
    ple. Which means, that you take full responsibility for what you say and what you do. Since this is not just words and actions,
    , but part of the cultural education of your viewer”.
    For, then a ten-year-old kid, these were
    e just beautiful words. But they stuck deeply
    And therefore, even in my Stand Up comedies, I can not afford
    swear words (although the genre of comedy also has that)
    To date, we have conducted
    2 8
    Soulful weddings, at which we laughed together to tears or cried with happiness, cannot be made out anymore. But it was good.
    0 6
    Advertising promotional campaigns, where it becomes absolutely clear to the joyful faces of the winners.
    Corporate evenings, after which I was so imbued with the unity and warmth of the teams that I wanted to change my job and go to work with them.
    0 8
    Birthdays. This is where you really find out how exciting life is and how interesting people fill it.
    0 5
    Graduation parties, each of which convinced me with renewed vigor that today's youth is the most forward-looking.

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    Contact with me
    My phone :
    +7 (911) 772-42-80
    Address: St. Petersburg, str. Vavilov 8, building 3
    I work in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.